"A Mother From a Retirement Home" - दिपेश कुमार भगत ।

प्रकाशित: कार्तिक ३, सोमबार, विराटनगर । 

" A mother from a Retirement Home "
The day you came in 
The world my dear 
The Heavens envied 
My pleasure I swear 

The nine months' discomfort 
And all my labour pain 
Instantly turned into 
A delightful gain 

To see you beside 
On delivery bed 
Congratulating words 
Of nurses and maid 

I resigned my career 
Without delay 
Your nourishment and care 
Engaged all my day

It was a moment 
Rare in my life 
I still, remember 
Your activities at five

Perceiving exalted relish 
At your attention 
I cancelled my tours,
Holidays and function 

Arranged your luxury 
As I could afford 
Even postponed things
Essential to my accord 

But you don't worry !
I've kept no record
Far-very far away 
You have gone 
My beloved son 
And only one 

Do you feel shame 
To call me Momma ?
The retirement home tames me 
But causes my trauma 

Each day identical tales 
From someone I hear 
That remind my 
Disrupted nights Oh dear !

Liberate me please
From this nightmare
At this age I can neither 
Fight nor bear 

Shelter me in 
Your Tommy's kennel
If you please 
Complaints and grievances 
I'll never release 

I wonder if you hear 
My unvoiced invocation 
Before you come to
Attend my funeration 

Will you respond 
My unheard plight 
Before you're invited to 
My funeral rite ? 

Before you're invited to 
My funeral rite ? 

लेखक: दिपेश कुमार भगत
( लेखक मेरिल्याण्ड कलेज विराटनगरका संयोजक हुनुहुन्छ । )


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